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Grit the Mind

Robust mental health in the face of difficulty is a challenge that comes to all of us at some point in our lives

Heading into the great outdoors never fails to release huge mental health benefits and significant physical payoffs. It really boosts my sense of wellbeing. If you feel that traditional in-person or Zoom counselling isn’t quite right for you, read on to see how therapy outdoors could be a unique alternative to improve your mental health.

Release your feel-good endorphins

Bringing counselling & the great outdoors together

Giving you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors with the opportunity to talk to your counsellor about any personal challenges you may be facing.

Therapy Outdoors at Lifestorm Counselling

Therapy Outdoors: The process

Initially we will have a short conversation online/by telephone at no cost to you. Should we decide to begin counselling I will then book our first walk into my diary, discuss routes and practicalities such as parking.    

Walking sessions last at least an hour. Each session costs £50. My routes will be focussed on you, tailored to your fitness level, your walking experience and your time constraints. 

I currently work within a 15 mile radius of Baughurst, Hampshire.

Walks can start weekdays anytime between 8.45am and 4pm, and on weekends too. Start points will depend on whether you can transport yourself to the destination. Either we leave from your front door for local routes or we arrange to meet elsewhere. We will walk in all but the worst weather conditions.   

You need to have suitable outdoor footwear and clothing. Depending on your circumstances you should to check with your GP before undertaking exercise.

Are you ready to develop some extra grit?

Join me as we head outdoors to build courage and determination! Get in touch today to find out more about Mind the Grit, or to book your first session.