How I Work...

First Contact
Prospective client communicates a wish to explore whether counselling
is the right way forward.
By email or phone

Initial Meeting
The initial meeting, in person or online, will last approx. thirty minutes and there is no charge for this session. It is a time to find out whether we are comfortable with one another and what our expectations are

Intake Interview
This session is specifically for gathering information and will include agreeing the terms of a therapy contract

Therapy Sessions
Time spent building a therapeutic relationship, exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviours whilst working towards a measured and satisfactory outcome

The final few sessions are designed to allow us an opportunity to review the counselling journey and to bring therapy to an end


Tel: 07917 500112

23 Blackthorn Close
RG26 5GW

"Our past tends to live on in the present
and often actively influences our future"

Gavin Rogers BTh Dip Couns MBACP


The name lifestorm came to me as I watched a cape cormorant attempting to land during a severe gale off the south atlantic coast of South Africa. I observed how the bird eventually touched down safely because of its perfect adaptation to flying in extremely rough conditions.

The cormorant enjoys a relatively simple lifestyle centred mainly on fishing and flying. We humans face an infinitely more complex existence. We are not always as perfectly adapted as we might hope to be, especially when put into complex and difficult situations. We are unlikely to be ready for all the storms that come our way.

People are susceptible to stress and anxiety when complex situations arise; and there are so many things that can blight our lives and deeply affect how we feel and think and behave. Whether it be problems from childhood, parental or family difficulties, relationship breakdown, work concerns, sexuality, phobias, peer pressure, addiction, or some other issue - the fact is that we experience tough times as humans and sometimes professional help is needed if we are to move on to new and greater things.

As a counsellor it is my privilege to embark on interpersonal journeys with individuals who have encountered unwelcome turbulence of one sort or another in their lives. My clients say that having the added support of a therapist working alongside them through difficult times really does make a difference.

I see counselling as a positive process that helps people find their way to a different and stronger position in life. It proves valuable to people who have become aware that something important has changed or needs changing in their lives. Importantly, counselling is not just focussed on negative events. It is intended to be therapeutic, and can be an ideal accompaniment for those who want to regain composure and storm back to life.

lifestorm is situated in Baughurst, Tadley, Hampshire, and within easy reach from places such as Basingstoke, Newbury, Thatcham, Bradfield, Silchester and Bramley. My practice offers you a comfortable residential setting with parking and easy access (no steps).

Ideally, clients attend therapy on a weekly basis, usually at the same time and on the same day or evening. However I am able to accommodate those who require a more flexible approach. The Counselling sessions last 50 minutes, giving us sufficient time to establish a healthy and therapeutic relationship. My fees are competitive and negotiable.

Short term counselling over a period of 6 to 8 weeks is possible, whilst a long term approach may be better if your circumstances would benefit from a more substantial focus on the concerns you bring to therapy.

I also provide one-to-one online counselling via Skype. This is proving to be a successful option for those who are either too far away to travel, or who are housebound or with limited time availability. Online counselling is well suited to single parents as I am able to offer sessions until fairly late in the evening. Online counselling brings with it specific requirements such as having a secure broadband connection and a webcam. It also requires a suitable client-side environment that offers privacy and miminal chance of being interrupted.

Take me up on a free 30 minute introductory session. It will provide you the opportunity to find out whether counselling is the right way forward. We can either meet up in person or online.

My training includes a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) accredited Diploma in Humanistic Counselling based on Transactional Analysis. As a Registered Member of the BACP I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and each month I spend time with a qualified supervisor who confidentially reviews my work as a counsellor.

If you want to talk, please do make contact.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Gavin Rogers

BACP Registered Member 034128